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Retail Solutions

Retail Methodology and Implementation

Jayed Products and Services is a dynamic company, specializing in retail sales systems and category management to optimise sales volume within our ever expanding retail real-estate. Managing the implementation of custom designed retail shelving and stands, optimising stockholding, marketing and merchandising.
Strategy and Implementation .


  • Product research
  • Market research
  • Competition analysis
  • Price analysis
  • Retailer proposal

Sales negotiation:

  • Range
  • Stock holding
  • Matching stock items to retailers current consumer’s demand
  • Stock lines to drive new sales and attract new clients


  • Space negotiation
  • Space Planning
  • Consuming additional unused/non-traditional retail space


  • Anchor position retail stand design
  • Maximise spatial use to insure maximum sales return per m2
  • Design solutions to reinforce and repeat product and brands in additional unutilised spaces within the store.
  • Design to reduce manufacture costs and time.


  • Process opening orders
  • Deliver, install and merchandise retail stand
  • Train Staff
  • Continuity
  • Marketing
  • Increase retailer return on investment per m2
  • Broadening retail offering
  • Maintain stock levels
  • Introduce new lines
  • Stock rotation
  • Weekly merchandising
  • Weekly delivery
  • Monthly account manager meeting at HQ